I 'm Sam Botha From South Africa

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Williams looked at his old team, which was now his new team. “We need to get used to our new names.” So from now on, we will always use our new names when we speak to each other. Okay?”
“Yes, sir. Wall.” Jim replied as Sam and Maria each gave a 'Yes ' nod of their heads.
“Good.” Sam Williams told them. “But cut out the Sir part. Now, introduce yourselves to me.”
Arthur went first. “I 'm Sam Botha from South Africa.”
“I like that name, Sam.” Williams said.
Then Joyce said. “I am Maria Villa-Garcia born in Mexico and raised in the Estados Unidos.” As she added a smile.
“Bueno.” William 's told her.
Lastly, Tyler spoke. “I 'm Jim Toth, first generation Hungarian-American.”
“Very good. And I am still Williams and since I have not been given a nom-de-plume.” Sam told them.
“I was told that your code name is W-A-One-One.” Jim told him.
Okay then.” Williams said, “WALL it is. I hope to be able to brief you on our mission, soon. For now, all I can say it that Jim will be the Team Leader and all communicating will be done through him and myself.” Finishing up the last fork full of food from his plate, Sam told them. “Man, the food here is almost as good as my wife 's cooking.”
Need To Know.” Jim told him as he winked at is former and new boss.
Sam smiled. “Very good Jim.”
Just then the door of the mess hall opened and a uniformed soldier entered the room. He walked up to Williams and asked. “WA11?”
“That 's me.” He told the corporal as the soldier handed him an envelope. “Thank

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