My Name Is Zulema Ibeth Montes De Oca, I Am Nineteen Years

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My name is Zulema Ibeth Montes de Oca, I am nineteen years old, I was born March 1,1997 in Berkeley, CA. I was Born into a very traditional Mexican Catholic Christian family; I was raised as part of the Mexican ethnic majority. My parents are both from Mexico, my mom is from Nuevo Ideal, Durango more of a cowboy western type of place and my dad is from Armeria, Colima more of the coast side, best known for the beaches and weather. I have not yet found out what their descent is like. I do know my parents came out to the United States to make their wish come true, “El sueño Americano”. My parents both came here not knowing the language, not knowing nothing just for a better life. That saying “El sueño Americano”, has always been a big impact …show more content…

Let’s work hard!). My dad is very Mexican. By far, very traditional to his customs. It was necessary for him to learn enough English to be able to communicate, and I suppose it simply carried over into home life. Even so, I think generally Spanish was considered, in our household, to still be the main language.
We lived in such a small, culturally varied town, there were many opportunities to overhear conversations in another language. It was mostly Spanish, but our neighborhood was situated directly in the hood, so many languages through the area speaking their own languages, such as English, Chinese, Tagalog and more. The surrounding area was also the residence of many Asians, White, Asian and African American people. I grew accustomed to hearing their language spoken, as well as knowing a lot about their culture. As you can see, I’ve been exposed to a variety of languages and situations, people and places. I hope that by furthering my knowledge of other languages, cultures, and people, I can overcome many of the prejudices that I have learned from parents, friends, or associations. I hope that one day I’ll be able to interact with people of all different races.
Growing up, English speaking, oldest child from California, my definition of family has changed a lot over the years, but no matter the changes my family has always had a strong impact on my life. When I was growing up, I was always around family. Christmas Eve was always spent with my mom’s

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