Moving To Mexico

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Being raised in two countries, Mexico and the United States, shaped me into the person I am today, a fluent bilingual and independent young woman who enjoys helping others. I was born in Harlingen, Texas and lived there for about six years. However, my family decided to move to Mexico in 2005. Seeking better opportunities, I made the decision to return to my home state at the age of fifteen.
My natural family, which consist of my parents and two younger siblings all live in Monterrey, Mexico, yet it has not always been like that. My mother and I used to live by ourselves in the United States. She took to me to kindergarten every morning and told me to be “the best I could be”, and up until this day I still do it. Never less, at the age of six everything changed for me. I moved to a new country, enrolled in a private catholic school and started living with both of my parents and little sister. Having to adapt to a completely new environment not only helped me learn about other cultures and traditions, like the Day of the Death, but it helped me become a person open to new opportunities and change. …show more content…

That is the reason why two years ago I made the decision to move back to Texas. This was possible since my uncle and aunt reside in La Porte, and agreed to me living with them. They have four children around the age of my siblings which helped me not miss home a lot, but that didn’t replace me wishing they were here. I had to learn the importance of maintaining a good communication from miles away, and appreciate the times I got to see them. This is how my goal of studying in a United States high school and the dream of being accepted to a recognized U.S. college

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