I want to Accompany the Space Shuttle Mission

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I am interested in accompanying the astronauts on their next mission to space. Ever since I was young, I have asked myself lots of questions about why the universe is like what it is like. Over time some of those questions have been answered, some of the answers lead to more questions, and some of those questions still remain a mystery. Going up into space will be a great opportunity for me do find out more about the many things that have pondered in my mind. This is why going into space would be a great experience for a responsible, intelligent, and hardworking student.
There are many reasons why I should be chosen to go on the next space shuttle flight. I am very responsible, I am willing to take on any challenge that is thrown at me, and I am very intelligent. I am a very welcoming person with a pleasant personality and I am a self-directed learner that strives for excellence. These qualities are why I think I should be the one chosen to go into space.
I am very responsible. I excel socially and academically both in and out of the classroom. I am a person that is readily available to assist others and participate in community service by assisting former teachers and helping with community projects. I make sure that I study and that I am prepared for the rest of the week. I also have a tight schedule that includes school, after school clubs, sports, and volunteering. This makes time management very essential in my everyday life and will be able to utilize this skill while

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