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Because of my history of academic achievement, I believe that I am a deserving recipient of the IIAM Foundation’s scholarship. Throughout my entire life, I have always strived for academic excellence, putting in the extra effort needed to rise to the top. The effort that I have put forth in school has perpetuated my understanding of the importance of obtaining a quality education after high school graduation. Unfortunately for the individual looking to push forward in his academic career, a bachelor’s degree, while not only generally requiring an additional four years, also requires a substantial amount of money in order to pay for attendance. This poses an interesting conflict to the aspiring college student: to pursue continued education and be forced to pay for college in one form or another or to refrain from attendance. While college was never an option for me, I have always understood its importance in helping me build a successful career and never had any intentions not to attend. However, as I grew older, I began to understand how expensive a degree truly is, and researched the best ways to bypass post-graduation debt. Though it has been time consuming …show more content…

Perhaps the most defining feature of my passion to attend college is the ability to continue learning in a classroom environment. Though I learn everyday outside of the classroom, the scape of what I learn in the classroom has a unique effect of my desire to be there. I have always had a longing to know as much about anything as I possibly could and college continues to teach me about things I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to know. If I am to receive one of the IIAM Chairmen’s scholarships, the committee can know to an absolute certainty that their recipient has a passion for learning and that he understands the utter importance of a college degree on his own

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