Essay about IRA Attack

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The beam of white light that penetrated the atmosphere brought everyone and everything to a halt. A thunderous noise that seemed to shatter the eardrum ripped through the sky. The aftershock of the explosion had knocked most people off their feet. Consequently chaos followed, but it had not always been this way. Docklands had been a peaceful place. The early stages of development had begun in the areas surrounding the docks, but it still possessed the tranquillity that was appreciated by the residents. Famous for its innovation and stature, Canary Wharf stood proud and firm. Never was it predicted that its foundations would quaver. Laura ran her fingers through her hair. Startled, she felt water …show more content…

She awoke to the sounds of confused and pain-stricken sobs. Cold beads of sweat ran across her forehead and she began to consider what had actually happened. She had been on her way home from work, but that was all she recalled. With great effort she managed to sit up, but soon wished she had not. She could feel blood pulsing loudly in her head and ears and immediately felt the need to close her eyes and sleep. Her russet-coloured eyes abruptly filled with concern. Rubbing the back of her neck she hastily contemplated whether her family were safe. To her recollection not one of them was in the area that day, but in this time of urgency she doubted her mentality. She attempted to rise, but was too weak. She was powerless, vulnerable and most disturbingly, unaided. The discrete package had been left under the South Quay train station. Astonishingly the station itself had not been effected, but that was all that had been spared by the ruthless pressure of the bomb. Many windows had shattered and the limitless edges of the broken glass sharply reflected the sun's dying gaze. As a result an eerie glimmer rested upon all of the buildings. Some structures, refusing to stay standing, fell during the first shock. The stubborn few that remained, could be heard groaning by the cautious people that scuttled by. Steel-rod foundations had been

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