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ITM Assignment Environmental Analysis TWG TEA By Li Haozhen (CT0171418) 1 Aug 2014 This report is prepared for the TWG tea company and its operations in Singapore. The purpose of this report is to perform an environmental analysis on TWG. The structure of this report including the description of following details: First of all, the report is going to give the background information of the TWG tea company, and its operation country, Singapore. Secondly, for analyzing the external environment of TWG, PESTLE analysis and Porter’s 5 forces will be shown in the report. And then, this report will follow by the strategic recommendations, after that, this report will end with the conclusion. The key products of TWG tea company is offering…show more content…
Exchange rate is higher than the neighbor country US $1.00 = SG $ 1.5, which means easier attract skillful overseas workers Social-culture Singaporeans work time is short, normally end at in the afternoon 75% of population is Chinese There are 4 main races mix in Singapore, also have 4 main languages in Singapore. Official language is English Social influenced by the Asian country, already have the tea-drinking culture Online network is becoming normal Technology Internet usage is high, Singapore ranked 20th in Internet connection speed. 2nd highest Internet penetration. (Akamai Technologies,n.d) Smart phone and private laptop usage is high Transportation in Singapore is very advanced and convenient Wi-Fi coverage is high, easily to link the Internet Credit card usage is high Singapore government is developing the e-services Legal Singapore is a sovereign republic, with a legal system based on the English common law.(government of Singapore, 2014) Singapore’s legal is strict, the crime rate is low, and government corruption is low. Singapore highly regarded for foreign workers, immigration laws are liberal for talent workforces. The legal for business production is

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