I’Ve Lived In The Same House My Entire Life, In Gardena

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I’ve lived in the same house my entire life, in Gardena CA. I still live at home will I attend El Camino. I’m the youngest of 6 kids, and there was only 1 boy. I’m not very close to my 3 oldest siblings, I still currently live with my 2 of my siblings, who are directly above me in age (4 and 8 years older). By the time I was old enough to remember, my 3 oldest siblings were already old enough to start their own families, which they did. Erik Erikson has an 8 stage Theory for Child Development and I am going to write about my childhood using 5 of them. The ages that his Theory covers is from birth to age 21, but because I am 20 it will be until my current life.
Erikson 's first stage is Trust vs. Mistrust, which takes place from birth till
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The Initiative vs. Guilt ranges from the ages 3-6. My dad worked crazy hours so I spent most of my time with my mom. My siblings were all in school or already moved out. I spent most of my time with my mom, so I talked and interacted more when I was just with her. I enjoyed helping with household things, i.e doing laundry, dinner, learning all my school basics – alphabet and number. I felt included with my mom, and my independences started showing around this age, as long as no one was around. If it was just my mom and me, I was very open and creative but I still never explored much on my own. By this stage, I hadn 't grown completely out of my shyness so I remained very reclusive. I’m very independent and open now, creativity is my passion. I love to express myself, mostly through music.
The Industry vs. Inferiority stage wasn’t the best one for me, ages 7-12. I hated school, I never wanted to go. I begged my mom every day to let me stay home, and would cry if she made me go. Once I got to school, though, I participated in a lot of the activities that went on. I was very advanced in school work, and knew most of the curriculum before I went to school; this also caused a lot of hate. In my mind, if I knew everything why did I have to go? I was on a dance team by age 8, played piano, karate, & soccer, I wasn’t as shy anymore. Even though I was a part of teams at school, I never truly fit in and struggled with going

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