Iago Role In Othello

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"If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm." This African proverb suggests that only your weakness and inner insecurities can help your enemy to destroy you. Among all great plays of William Shakespeare the tragedy of Othello the moor of Venice considered the most tragic as the massive destructions the play ends with. The play is also considered as a domestic tragedy which is about a black general in the Venetian army (Othello) who experiences a great fall caused by love, rage, and jealousy. After being Egged by the words of a proficient manipulator (Iago) ends up with killing his beloved wife (Desdemona) and killing himself. However, the role played by Iago in the play was interpreted differently by many literary …show more content…

Reflecting the Venetians attitudes toward Othello the outsider who manages to gain a high status in the Venetian army. To begin with, Iago is the most villainy character created by Shakespeare, wearing the mask of honesty, gains everyone’s trust and consequently knows their weakness, and therefore controlling them as a puppet master. In fact, the whole play seems to be puzzle pieces of the cunning plan directed by Iago. He plays a fundamental role in the tragedy as the antagonist, which is without him, there would be no conflict.
Ironically, only the spectators know Iago’s malicious nature as he deliberately hides his feelings and intentions when he says “but I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to …show more content…

From the beginning of the play, we are aware of Iago’s hatred of Othello and his jealousy of Cassio because he is denied the position of lieutenancy and instead it is given to Cassio. In another instance Iago gives us another motive to hate Othello as he suspects that Othello has cheated him with his wife Emilia, when he

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