Ibn Taymiyyah Research Paper

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Ibn Taymiyyah was born in Haran (modern day Jordan, Syria, and Palestine), in the year 1263. He moved with his family when he was seven years old due to the Mongol invasion. After his father’s death in 1284, he started giving lessons on Hadith- (a set of traditions that is based on the saying of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him). He selected some parts of the Quran and Sunnah, and turned it to an ideology that is based on violence. His way of thinking was controversial and many scholars undermined his interpretation of the Quran, which made him a minority figure for his time and the following centuries. His ideas dominated the contemporary Wahhabism, Salafism, and jihadism writers.

Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahab
Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahab was born in Saudi Arabia, in 1703. He is an activist reformer of Islam, he influenced by Ibn Taymiayyah doctrine that was controversial in his time. His …show more content…

He established the state of Saudi Arabia and instituted the investment of its oil. Before he became the king, the Rashids tribal took away his family’s lands and they sent them to Kuwait without money. In 1902, Ibn Saud, 21, and 60 of his brothers and cousins went to take back their land from the Rashids tribal. He took control over Riyadh, but to take over all the Arabian Peninsula he asked for help from the Ikhwan “Muslim brothers”- they are Wahhabi Islamic Puritans that want to expand their version of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, and nomadic Bedouins. With the help of the Ikhwan, ibn Saud took territory after another, until he captured Mecca and Medina and became the ruler of the two holy cities. The Ikhwan wanted to spread Wahhabism, but ibn Saud tried to prevent them, so they rebelled against him. With the approval of the ulama- religious authorities, ibn Saud destroys them. However, his son made a religious political agreement with Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahab in early 1930s to help him rule over the

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