Ideal Female Stereotypes

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women. Men are targeted through the use of sex appeal Hilton was able to portray excellently and through the use of the car covered in mud and dirt. The badass car and sexy girl instantly attract the male audience’s attention as it claims to be a man’s two most valued and desired things. Women on the other hand are convinced to purchase and consume the juicy burger because they aim to portray the ideal female beauty through Paris Hilton’s body image. It is shown that Hilton is not harmed by the burger that contains high levels of fats and sodium and she is still able to consume and enjoy the food without the fear of gaining weight. Such ads significantly take away from the harmful factors fast foods contain by the use of hyper sexualized models to draw the attention away from the fats dripping down the meat. The purpose of the images that commercial media provides is not only to sell products, but also a desired, gendered look.
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Hegemonic forms of femininity are discussed in this paper to illustrate the effects of ideal female beauty has on women. Emphasized femininity includes having a thin waist, clear skin, idea, firm buttocks, perky breasts, white teeth, coloured eyes and the list goes on. It is important to recognize the desirability exoticism holds within the public and the mass media. The term ‘exotic’ refers of foreign origin or character, introduced from abroad (Johnston, 2010). Exoticism is an admired concept because it is not something people are used to seeing; therefore, they are often amused and more attention is paid towards it. Therefore, advertisers use this to their advantage to grasp a large number of consumers to accept the products they aim to

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