Idealism And Truth In The Novice

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Idealism and truth are both significant elements of a person’s life, although idealism can often make it difficult to see what is actually true. In The Novice, the protagonist gets caught up in idealism by glamorizing his boat the Sally Anne, which skews his perception of the truth. Readers of W.D. Valgardson’s The Novice should understand that individuals often idealize their material possessions, and that such behavior is often caused by isolation, which is likely to result in consequences such as the inability to face the truth. The protagonist’s struggle to decipher what the reality of his situation is a particular conflict in the source. The central character often makes statements about how much faith he has in his boat. One clear example…show more content…
We are shown that the central character is against living in accordance with societal norms by the quote “Other men had other passions to disturb their lives…. Unlike the others, he had been careful not to encumber himself with a wife and children.” We know the character isolates himself through the statement “So strong was his faith that, as long as the lake was free of ice, he lived in the boat, never leaving it until the end of the shipping season. Throughout the winter, he lived alone in one room in an old house near the harbour” The reason his isolation has left him unable to face the truth is because he has never allowed himself to be close to another person and so he heavily relies on the boat. Since the boat is his one source of comfort, of course he does not want to believe that there could be anything going wrong with it as without it he would have nothing else that is important to him, which is because he has isolated himself from others for so long, relying purely on the boat to bring him comfort and
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