Identical Essay: Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

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Are cell phones dangerous? Cell phone have become very popular with consumers as a way to communicate. Almost everyone in this world has cell phone, even teens have it. It is a great invention [0] because it helps us to send message, picture, or video easier. We can just sit down or lay on our bed clicking and tapping our phones. The chart below shows the growth of the ownership of cell phone on teenagers. The percentage based on teens ages 12 until 17 in several years. In 2004, 18 percent of 12 year old teens already have a phone, meanwhile the 17 year old are in 64 percent. Two years later, in 2006, the amount of teens owning phone increased drastically. In 2008, it goes up for average 7.5 percent in each age group. Eventhough cell phones carry …show more content…

First, using cell phones on the wrong time and place can cause accidents. Teens are more likely to reply to texts or calls while driving and riding than adults. They are talking and texting without even realizing that it can be dangerous for them. The distractions play a great role to severe crashes. According to the study, drivers who are using their phones had their eyes off the road for four seconds that trigger to crashes. Also, they are difficult to avoid accidents when they use the phones. Not only driving and riding, accidents can happen when the users are walking too. They do not pay attention to the street and just focus on their phones. If it is only bumping to people, it is still forgiven, but if it leads to a big accident like crashing into a car while crossing the road, then it can cost your life. Next, phones cause electromagnetic radiation which brings cancer to the human body. Since people started to obsess with phones, the brain tumors in human beings have gradually increased. Whenever we use cell phones, we do not think that it can cause cancer as we do not feel anything. But actually, as time goes by, sometimes we

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