Identification Theft And Identity Theft

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Identity theft is basically using someone’s personal information without their prior knowledge. One example: is a thief getting ahold of another’s person’s social security and driver’s license numbers and using that information to get a credit card or to buy a car. Anyone can become a victim of this crime because of the sheer countless ways for a person to steal another’s identity. Every state has different requirements for a crime to constitute as identity theft. “For example: In Wisconsin: Identity theft is defined as “Unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information or documents, “require that a person’s identifying information or personal identification document be used without the person’s consent to obtain money, credit, goods, services, employment and anything in general of value,”(Knetzger, Muraski, 2009). In other wards, identity-theft is simply the theft and use of personal or identifying information for your own agenda without the consent of the owner of said information. In July of 2014: A Missouri man by the name of “Terry Lee Morrow Jr,” was convicted of stealing the identities of his customers who frequented his car dealership. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for his crimes in which have been labeled as the largest identity theft case in “Missouri.” Mr. Morrow operated “Edge Auto Sales,” and he would use the information he acquired from people who bought his car’s as well as those who simply applied for
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