Identification of Ethnic Groups in Malaysia

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Multiracial is a unique feature in Malaysian society. Identification of each of the ethnic groups in Malaysia, in line with their cultural and religious identity. Malay Muslims are the majority, followed by Chinese, Buddhist, Confucian and Taoism and followed the Indians are Hindus. Christianity also between religions in Malaysia. Religious differences contributed to the complexity and inter-ethnic conflict. In Malaysia, the level of social interaction in a pluralistic society is minimal. Residential isolation and different working environments also help to create a huge gap between ethnic groups. For that reason, many conflicts arise before and after the Independence Day of Malaysia The situation is predicted to get worse if there is no attempt to reduce the gap between ethnic groups. Among the steps that can be taken to resolve this conflict is the discussion of inter-ethnic dialogue. Through dialogue, discontent and stress among people or ethnic group can be minimized. Therefore, this paper attempts to discuss the formation of a plural society in Malaysia, with the level of inter-ethnic look. This paper proposes the solution through dialogue approach. This solution can be used in the Malaysian society to develop a more harmonious relationship between the races.

2.0 The society in Malaysia

Malaysia consists of two parts: Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak, which are located along the northern rim of the island of Borneo. Based on
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