Identify the Current Legislation and Codes of Practice Relevant to the Promotion of Equality and Valuing of Diversity

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Current legislation: Race Relations Act 1976 & 2000: Schools have obligation to uphold good relationships between people from different backgrounds. Schools now required to have a race equality policy in place. The legislation gave powers to tackle racism by making direct or indirect discrimination illegal. Code of Practise on the duty to promote race equality 2002 This is the government framework which assists schools to meet the requirements of the Race Relations Act 2000. It outlines ways schools through their race equality policy can promote race equality in their setting by reducing gap in education achievements between different ethnic groups and ensuring staff within the school are representative of a multicultural…show more content…
Human Rights Act 1998: It is unlawful for schools to act in anyway which is not harmony with the Human Rights Act. Some key elements which are key to schools are: . No one can be refused his or her right to education, but this does not mean they can attend the school of their choice. . The human rights of people need to be balanced against the rights of others. . Staff may physically restrain a child if in doing so they are protecting others from harm but not in a way that would be used to humiliate or punish a child. . Any punishment or treatment for behavior issues must not be 'inhuman or degrading'. It must be suitable taking into account what the child has done. . Schools have duty to protect the human rights of both its pupils and staff. . Schools must actively prevent bullying as incidents of bullying may in breach of Article 14 which concerns the freedom of any ground such as colour, race, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority birth or other status”bullying would b . Schools should embrace multi-culturalism and bring a range of religious beliefs into the curriculum as per Article 9: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion. N.B. This task was carried out as a group activity in class. TDA Describe the
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