Identifying A Culture Or A Group Of People

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Throughout part 4 of the course, we have learned about cultures or groups of people and their place in society. We have seen how they are identified, categorized based on their race or ethnicity, as well as other factors, and how that has affected them and the negative things that have resulted from that. There are many things that can be used to identify a culture or a group of people, as well as an individual. Identification is what distinguishes you from others. For example, when I was helping my tutee, Noorhan, with her application to the University of San Diego, one of the sections asked to fill out her family information. I was confused on why her last name was Albayati, but her dad 's last name was Kareem, and her mom 's last name was Rajab. I asked her why this was. She said that there was a mistake made when they came to America, but her last name is in fact Albayati, and it is her family name. She said the family name is very important in her culture, and it helps identify her family to other families and vice versa. We can also see this in My Identity, My Allegiances. For example, the author, Amin Maalout, says that he is different from everyone else because there is no one else out there that has all of the same allegiances as he does. He is trying to show that the combinations of all your allegiances makes you who you are individually. The combination of things such as the language you speak, the clothes you wear, the religion you practice, the food you eat,

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