Identity And Morals Throughout Adolescence And Young Adulthood Essay

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Just like how one must discover and establish their identity and morals throughout adolescence and young adulthood, one must find their voice through writing as well. It is a difficult feat to find the proper sum of humor, seriousness, casualness, pretentiousness, or satire. This is something that everyone struggles with as they routinely take pen to paper. Of course, this is all extremely subjective, but until recently my writing voice sucked. As I climbed the academic ladder, clumsily bouncing from teacher to teacher, I heard many varying opinions about my writing. “It is not light-hearted enough”, “this is too light-hearted, Emily”, “this needs more commas”, “use less commas and just shorten the sentences”, “this is awkward”, “this is eloquent”, and “try harder next time.” I questioned every word that I used, contemplated every sentence structure that I wrote, and second-guessed every idea that I had. I eventually became a writing robot that would methodically piece together papers that were well-received, but I was never proud of. I promised myself that as I entered college, I would change my writing practices, no longer consider only my teacher as the audience, and use my voice. The following that ensues is my initial attempt, successful or not, at following through with my promise.
For the first project of this class, I faced a familiar foe: rhetorical analysis. This was a juncture in my writing path, where I could continue down the path of mechanical meticulous
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