Identity Is A Combination Of Two Individual Perceptions

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Bolton-Ford Drue Professor: Mahala Pacs 1 22 October 2015 My Identity Is Identity is a combination of two individual perceptions, it refers to both a sense of who we are as a person and as a contributor to society. The first form of identity is self identity or true identity, which is the concept of yourself that you identify. The second form of identity, outer identity, is the concept or way others perceive you. Both identities collectively make up an individual and are the product of many years of life evolvement and transformation, but where they differ is the perspective. My identity is a uniqueness that has come as a result of my family, ethnicity, and Media. And it is this knowledge about my identity that I have attributed to my…show more content…
My Dad was a very giving and loving person. Growing up in Los Angeles the presence of those less fortunate than me was ever present. One time when I visited my father 's office at the end of the day I noticed a younger man waiting in the back of the office in the parking lot. I remember his clothes looking a bit worn and he had a shopping basket which I could see a pillow and a large discolored comforter. I signaled to my dad that there was a man waiting in the parking lot. As my dad approached the parking lot I could see the mans faces begin to light up and smile form. The man began to greet my dad and to my surprise the man knew my father 's name. After they talked for a little while me and my dad left and the man stayed behind unpacking his cart in the parking lot. I asked my father what the man wanted and he began to tell me the young man 's story and how he was a veteran who had a mental illness and is now homeless. My father was letting the man sleep in the parking under the buildings awnings. My father was reputable for these small acts of kindness and he always spoke of helping others. He is the reason I believe myself to have hospitable, charitable and trustworthy traits. And also why I try to radiate positivity and be affirming. I also get many of my traits from my mother. I always remember having a special connection with my mother. I would help her out around the house and watch in amazement as she would design, build, and fix things around
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