Identity : My Culture, Identity, And Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity Essay
My life is like ripped jeans, it is almost complete, but there's parts missing that I can’t and don’t know how to fill. An African American who only knows her American side, but struggles with knowing the background of her African heritage. Whose parents are also African American and are in the same position. Representing me being African American, but not fully educated of who I am. Although, I don’t know my African side, in the future I can learn more about it, as for now my culture includes my customs/values, food, values, and ethnicity. The preparation of reading different poems and stories about other people’s culture helped me learn about my culture and myself because I seen the struggles people go through with knowing their true self, but by experiencing daily events in life, you are always changing and your self-identity shows the qualities of who you are. My occasion was assigned to write about my culture, I know I need to use what I learned by reading other poems and stories to describe my culture.
So what is culture? As a class we discovered that culture is your behaviors and beliefs of a particular age, social, or ethnic group. This relates to me because I have my own personal beliefs and my behavior reflects on my beliefs. My customs consist of what I personally like to do and what is personally significant to me like how I play basketball and use clothing to show who I am. My ethnicity plays the most huge part of my culture which is the

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