Identity And Culture: My Identity, Culture, And Identity

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Sometimes a person will feel that they have no purpose in life. Finding out who you are just take the time of sitting down and thinking of the importance in your life. Who am I? I am April Casas, and I am a person with different personalities, characteristics, and identities. Every single one has their own unique identity and culture. Culture plays a big role in shaping your identity. Culture is what made me the person I am today and determines who or what I choose to associate myself with. My background and upbringing are what sets me apart from anyone else because no one has been raised the same. My identity would not exist if it was not for my own culture and the values I have carried it over the years. I am in college studying paramedic; and I have wonderful friends in desperate need of support, which makes me a wonderful best friend. It is seen as an essential part of learning and using what I learn in class. But when I get lots of classwork and have very little time to finish it, then it becomes an unnecessary burden. For me sometimes, it is the fact that I procrastinate that prevents me from completing a task. For a…show more content…
I’m not the one who socially active so much that I would dedicate eighty percent of my free time reaching out to my friends and any new people to get along and start chatting. I define myself more as a person who would not rush for the number of friends I have right at the moment but I rather concentrate on building up strong bonds with my close friends right now and slowly meet new people in situations that I feel more comfortable and confident such as in organizations, clubs, projects. I enjoy listening more than talking. Not really that I was born loving to be silent and listen to people’s stories. But I realized that talking only gives me opportunities to make lots of new friends whereas listening brings people closer to me, in the most truthful and sincere
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