Identity and Women Issues in Pour it up by Rihanna

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The video is constructed on an extreme usage of female’s bodies and it poorly represents the image of women expressed today by mainstream media channels. Moreover, the singer fluctuates her body; she portrays pole dancers, strippers and some dance moves including ‘twerking’, a particular alluring hip-style of dancing. (Cox) Currently, the music video has been watched by millions of people and it questioned whether Rihanna could still be considered a role model to her millions of young and impressionable fans. In this paper, I will carefully analyze the video’s content by correlating the messages sent by the images to some media theories starting from the cultural industry concept and the idea of the commodity feticism by Adorno and Hockheimer. Then, I will comment on the reactions given by the public and various media outlets. Firstly, Rihanna is a Barbadian singer of twenty-five years old and she is the nation's first artist to win a Grammy Award. When she was sixteen, she moved to the United States and she made her debut in 2005. The official music video for "Pour It Up" was…

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