Ideological Criticism : Small Town Ideology

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Ideological Criticism: Small Town Ideology And Rural Values in the Media

When the general public thinks about Small Town America; cows, tailgating, football, and recently, the confederate flag seem to be the picture that Modern America has “painted” for Rural America. Small town America attracts a lot of different people and contrary to popular belief some of the communities are very diverse. Lately, small town America and rural America in general for that matter have been under weary scrutiny since the election of Donald Trump as president. While Small Town America seems to have gained a negative reputation due to recent events in the media, its values and small town ideology have been in the spotlight before. Small Town
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On Thursday night, the night before the game Jason Street and Tim Riggins, one of the main characters, are at a party discussing Jason’s future in the NFL and how Tim will take care of him if he lets him live off one percent of his salary and they toast to Texas Forever. The night of the big game comes and Jason Street ends up tackling an opponent and hurting himself in the process, he is carried off the field in a stretcher and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Coach Taylor must put in the backup Quarterback, Matt Saracen, who is highly inexperienced and unprepared. At first, Matt makes several rookie mistakes but with Coach Taylor’s guidance and expertise, the Panthers go on to win the game. The episode ends with both teams praying for fallen Quarterback Jason Street and Coach Taylor in an over voice saying, “We are all vulnerable, and we will all at some point in our lives fall.”
Ideological criticism is a method of rhetorical criticism that focuses on a selected artifact and analyzes the ideologies that may be present or exist in regards to the artifact and the culture it encompasses. It explores the themes, ideas, values, and ideologies that are implied or otherwise hidden in artifact and what can be deduced, or what can be told about the way one culture regards another. An ideology as defined by Sonja K. Foss, is: “...a mental framework--the language, ‘concepts, categories, imagery of thought, and the systems of representation
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