Ideology Is A Consistent System Of Ideas, Values, And Beliefs

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Ideology is a consistent system of ideas, values, and beliefs. It tells us who should get what, when, and how. When we use the terms conservatism and liberalism we think reasonably when it comes to the values and beliefs. When we pin labels on people that are fairly repetitive to those values in the public 's eye. Back in reality, neither of the political leaders or the citizens display consistent opinions but many others view the issues on other people. Ideological organizations follow liberal or conservative schedule. “Among the most vocal single-issue in recent years have been the organizations on both sides of the abortion issue, NARAL Pro-Choice America describes itself as “pro-choice” and opposes any restrictions on women 's rights …show more content…

Those views are consistent with the classical liberalism of Jefferson, Locke and the nation’s founders (found at the end of chapter 2). Conservatism is less optimistic about human nature, it traditionally they recognizes human nature that includes hatred, irrationality, violence and ignorance. They also have been more likely to place faith into the law and traditional values than poplar trends. Conservatism in America involves different views of the government and what role they play versus the social affairs. Liberalism combines the beliefs in a strong government to provide security and protection for civil rights and the beliefs in freedom of government. Modern liberal approves the use of the government power to correct the society that isn’t doing so well. It can be impatient when you see the slow process toward solving socioeconomic problems. They oppose restrictions on gay rights, prayers at the schools, abortions. If americans lined themselves up with conservative dimension policies the United States would be so much easier to describe, but a lot less interesting. Yet some people still consistently support a strong government in the civil rights and economic affairs. And some people, who are referred to as a libertarians are against most environmental regulations. This may result in a two dimensional ideological battlefield. A liberal 's response is woman have the right to choose what she does with her own body. While others are strongly against abortions, and

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