Ieds In Military

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The biggest issue our military is facing while engaging in conflict with terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is that these groups are not abiding by the Laws of Armed Conflict and the Rules of Engagement. These terrorist groups are using tactics that are not discriminate and are not proportional to the military advantage gained. For example, the use of IEDs can be characterized as an act by the terrorist group that is indiscriminate. The purpose of these IEDs is to inhibit the movement of the American forces but the IEDs are put in random places along routes and could kill civilians instead of soldiers. The enemy’s main mission is to kill the U.S soldiers and any other organizations that go against their belief system. They will employ any tactic they see necessary in order to accomplish their goal, such as attacking innocent civilians, who are not taking part in the conflict. This action taken by these terrorist organizations can make it difficult for officers to encourage their soldiers to abide by the rules and …show more content…

When soldiers are deployed and fighting in conflict, they do not know which day could potentially be there last and will invest many emotions into what they are doing and the people that surround them. These emotions create strong bonds between soldiers and can also lead to toxic environments if the soldier’s emotions are targeted in a negative way. Every day that a unit is deployed they are engaging the enemy through direct contact or indirect fires that are coming from an unspecified location. The book Black Hearts perfectly describes how emotional a platoon of soldiers become while watching their leaders and friends die due to terrorist attacks. The men feel that every mission they go on is a death sentence and that their higher chain of command does not

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