“If You Want To Know Me, You Must Know My Story, For My

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“If you want to know me, you must know my story, for my story defines who I am (McAdams, 1993).” Dr. Dan P. McAdams Narrative Theory of Identity is the story one tells about how they came to be the person they are becoming. McAdams is a Personality Scientist and a Professor and Chair of the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University. Among other things McAdams is involved in he is still currently researching narrative approaches to psychology, the conceptions of identity and self in modern society, and generativity and adult development. In this paper we will gain an understanding of exactly what Narrative Identity is, how it works and the roles played in the life story model such as, the social actor, agent, and author,…show more content…
He is the director for the Foley Center for the study of lives which has been grant funded continuously since 1997, his work at the center is on narrative approaches to studying human lives; a methodology that places stories and storytelling at the center of personality. He is also a member of The Human Capital and Economic Working Group at the Becker Friedman Institute for research in economics. Dr. McAdams is the author of six well regarded novels, over 200 articles and book chapters, and served on several editorial boards for journals in personality. His published books include "The Stories We Live By ","The Redemptive Stories American Live By", “George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream”, “Power Intimacy and the Life Story”, “The Persona: An Introduction to the Science of Personality Psychology”, and his most recently published book "The Art and Science of Personality Development.” He was also recently published in the Atlantic Magazine, with the cover story, “The Mind of Donald Trump” which is an analysis of Donald Trump’s personality and how it may play into his role as president in the future. Dr. McAdams has spoken all over the world and his work has also been featured in multiple national media outlets including Good Morning America, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New
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