Ikea Guide a New Generation Life Style

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IKEA GUIDE A NEW GENERATION LIFE STYLE Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University December 31, 2008 IKEA is the way to Heaven, because anybody can trust the spirit that releases energy through the arrangement of furniture. ——Edward Norton (Award winning actor) There are many things to the secret of IKEA’s success. There is the design of the store which requires the customers to walk a long way before reaching the exit. The lack of customer service requires customers to shop alone without interruption. IKEA also has an interesting coffee shop that supplies Swedish meatballs and orange juice to hungry shoppers. Interesting is the simple furniture which requires assembling by the purchasers. All of…show more content…
There are two hundred and fifty three of IKEA FAMILYs over the world and five hundred and sixty five millions of visitors. The sales volume grow up to one point four billion Euro from 2007 to 2008. “Low price and good quality” is the most important thing to IKEA. Low price is not equal to poor quality, on the contrary, quality show the valuable brand. “A Swedish laboratory support the testing result, IKEA’s furniture is more durable than any other more expensive furniture. After turn over fifty-five thousand times in a machine, IKEA’s chair called Ogla is intact (sell thirty three Koruna), but the more expensive chair called Thonet is broken (sell one hundred and sixty eight Koruna)” (Albercht Rothacher 2004; Xiaoxu Li 2006, quoted in Corporate Cultures and Global Brands, p.70). IKEA always put their furniture through rigorous testing to make sure it can stand up to just about anything. Another special thing is the tag, interior furnishing shop always issue a warning “Do not sit the sample”. The customers will feel indifferent and think the shop is deficient confidence. In IKEA FAMILY, the tag “Read more details” always remind customers, that shows the purchase guide, maintenance method and price. Customers can do it themselves, even though there seem not enough sales. It is the result for the brand – IKEA, which attract so many people from all over the world. For example, the “seasonal quilt” tag
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