Business Management: A Case Study Of IKEA

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Question 1:

IKEA is a world famous furnishing company known for selling Scandinavian-style furniture and other home-based goods. The company has over 230 stores, with operations carried out in over 42 countries with well over 70 000 employees. The stores themselves can occupy 410 million shoppers per year. It is a Swedish based company built on the idea of offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products such low prices, that a majority of people will be able to afford them. The IKEA group is currently solely owned by the INGKA Foundation through a holding company, unlisted on any stock exchange.
IKEA Foundation is the philanthropic arm of INGKA Foundation, the owner of the IKEA Group of companies. Based in the
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It can also help them gain a temporary competitive advantage because other firms will not be able to imitate them to speak regarding IKEA’s strategy , IKEA’s strategy has continually been to style and develop product supported consumers’ everyday wants, keeping costs low and providing purposeful, engaging and reliable furnishings and solutions. property has been at the basis of IKEA’s strategy throughout its evolution. In 2012 it launched its folks and Planet Positive property strategy, that sets out the company’s approach to achieving positive social and environmental impacts. This property strategy brings all the weather of vision, values and mission along to drive innovation and rework the IKEA business. this may strengthen IKEA’s aggressiveness by securing long access to big raw materials and energy provides, maintaining and developing its provider base, developing relationships with co-workers and customers, and increasing market share
The only way to avoid other furniture stores to imitate IKEA’s strategies is to keep it a secret from all but the highest executives , imitating the strategies of IKEA can lead to not having any competitive advantage , and in order to preserve a competitive advantage is to keep it hidden and to keep it a
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