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ANEXO: DATOS EXTRACTADOS MEMORIA ANUAL IKEA A better everyday life for the many people Mikael Ohlsson, President and Chief Executive Officer for the IKEA Group Welcome to the 2011 IKEA Yearly Summary. In times when many nations and people face economic challenges, our vision of creating a better everyday for the many people is more relevant than ever. We are constantly engaged in learning about the different ways people experience life at home and what their needs are. And we know people are becoming more value conscious. We develop our range for people with normal incomes. To make it possible to furnish functionally, individually and sustainably – even when the economy is tight. We strive to become more accessible through lowering our…show more content…
Together with our customers the “one Euro is a fortune activity” gave a record EUR 11 million for additional educational programs together with our partners. Our people Our co-workers are the strength of IKEA and we recruit based on values. We live by them. We believe in diversity and inclusion and want our co-workers to mirror our customer base in order to best understand and serve our customers. We focus much of our attention to our culture, the IKEA-Spirit, competence development and leadership development. This enables us to work in an environment where everybody takes responsibility and contributes together. We economize with resources and have a positive outlook on the opportunities, knowing that most things remain to be done. During the year, I have visited many parts of IKEA all over the world and always met a fantastic spirit and ambition to make IKEA a good contributor to people’s life at home and society. Thank you all! You are the ones that make IKEA special and unique as we are Growing IKEA-Together Mikael The IKEA group Where we come from We have our roots in Småland, a traditionally poor region in the south of Sweden. Like the people raised here, IKEA grew up with a tradition of being economical with resources and working hard to reach our goals. And we’ve been making a lot out of very little for more than 60 years now. Growing up in 20th century Sweden has shaped both our products

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