Ikea 's Internal And External Environment

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1.0 INTRODUCTION AND COMPANY OVERVIEW 2 2.0 IKEA INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2 2.1 PESTLE ANALYSIS OF IKEA 2 2.2 PORTER FIVE FORCES 5 2.3 SWOT ANALYSIS 7 3.0 IKEA LOCALISATION VS. GLOBALISATION STRATEGY. 8 4.0 CRS AND ETHICS 10 5.0 RECOMMENDATION 11 6.0 REFERENCE 12 1.0 INTRODUCTION AND COMPANY OVERVIEW IKEA is a global furniture retailer, which is established on the concept of contributing wide range of well designed, functional, and low cost home furnishing products in 40 countries, with 330 stores and 154,000 workers (The IKEA concept, 2012). IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kampar and has turned in an international furniture retailer that specialized in stylish but inexpensive furniture designs. The success of the industry was the huge experiences in the product differentiation, cost leadership and retail market. IKEA unique concept is that furniture is sold in kits that are assembled by the customers at home. The company remains one of the world most successful multinational retailing firms, operating globally. This report will explains IKEA internal and external environment using PESTLE, PORTER FIVE FORCE AND SWOT. Furthermore IKEA globalisation and localisation strategy breakdown will be examined, CSR and ethic and recommendation will be also examined. 2.0 IKEA INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT 2.1 PESTLE ANALYSIS OF IKEA Political Ikea is investing 10, 500 crore in India, that send a positive signal to other investors, and had uncertain view of
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