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The Iliad and The Odyssey are two epic poems with both similar and different styles to the structure of the poems, as well as each poem having the same gods incorporated into the stories intervening with the day to day lives of the mortals.
Greek poetry before Homer was all composed orally; therefore it is assumed that Homer’s works are the first written works of art (Joachim Latacz, page 15). Scholars who have spent extensive time researching the origin of Homer’s work cannot verify a specific time the Iliad and the Odyssey were written (Latacz, 24). Many who have tried, usually run into a dead end, but it seems most have came to the conclusion that the poems were produced in the late eighteenth century (Latacz , 59).
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There are two obvious structure similarities in each of the stories. The first structure similarity is that Homer made each of the poems twenty-four books long. The second similarity is that each story begins with a short prologue.
Prevalent in each poem is the presence of gods. In both The Iliad and The Odyssey, gods are a fixture within the stories and are shown congregating on Mount Olympus or in some way interacting with the mortals. The gods are also showing favoritism and hatred in each the poems. Favoritism by the gods is shown quite often in the Iliad. For example, in book two Zeus carries out Thetis’s wish to grant Achilles prayer to her. Zeus helps the Trojans in the battle by coming to Agamemnon in a dream during book two and tricking him into attacking the city of Troy’s walls in a full on attack (The Iliad, 1-15). An example of pure hatred comes throughout the poem from Athena who is consistently helping the Achaean forces in battle. In The Odyssey favoritism is less noticeable throughout. Most all the gods during the poem want to see Odysseus return to Ithaca, which is shown by their agreement to make Calypso release him from her island (The Odyssey, 31-180). The most noted of the gods helping Odysseus is Athena. She is very active in helping Odysseus survive. Hatred in the Odyssey is shown by mainly one god throughout, Poseidon. Throughout the poem he does all he can to delay Odysseus from returning to his

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