Illegal Gambling

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The Case Against Gambling Gambling is impoverishing America.
It is taking the money needed to feed and clothe children.
It is destroying the moral fabric of our nation.
It is increasing the wealth of the crime syndicates.
Since part of the money is being used to buy off politicians, it is corrupting our political system on all levels,
It is causing otherwise good citizens to enter crime, in order to pay off gambling debts.
It is causing an increase in suicides.
Because of the poverty and crime it brings, it is not decreasing—but increasing—the cost of running state governments, Here are facts you should know: “The gambling craze has swept the country with the avariciousness of a prairie fire . . The flames are out of
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What about numbers games? In a three-number game, the odds of your number coming up are 1 in 1,000. In a six-number game, it is 1 in 10 million. What about “Super 7,” which is seven numbers in a row? It is 1 in 100 million.
Then there are the race tracks. They are now legal in over four fifths of all the states in America. The owners of the track take 18 to 21 percent of money wagered. The bettor has a likelihood of winning only a 0.41 to 0.44 probability of winning. That is about one half of one percent! But, it is a well-known fact that when a man wins at gambling, he is very likely to stay in for another game—and then lose his winnings! It is no wonder that it is called “gambling fever.” It is almost an insanity which grips a person.
What about slot machines? They help Los Vegas take in a yearly income of $3 billion from gambling. The typical slot machine has a payoff of $5,888 for every $8,000 invested over a period of time. Lose, lose, lose; that is what gambling is. That is the basis of its excitement. Is it exciting to lose your money? That is what gambling is all about.
Stay home and you lose no money, but that is not thought to be as exciting by some people.
Bingo is another great loser, but, each year in America, it takes in $4.2 billion. That is money taken from the pockets of the common people.
And then there is the state lottery. The New Yorker magazine estimated that the chances of winning an average lottery is about 12 million to 1. Some things are
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