Illegal Immigration From Latin America Is On The News All

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Illegal immigration from Latin America is on the news all the time in the United States, almost a daily basis on the main network channels. From President Trump calling for a wall on the Mexican-American border, to major cities like New York and Chicago declaring themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. Both sides seem to throw out labels without care for the truth, or opinions that differ from their own. Without a common understanding of what the facts are, it is difficult to be able to create an informed decision without looking at the history of illegal immigration from Latin America into the United States of America. The term illegal immigrant is actually not the term that the United States government uses. The US government…show more content…
The United States has yet to budge on the issue of what to call these individuals who are residing in the United States without the legal right; as a result this piece of literature will use either the term illegal immigrant or illegal alien to keep consistency with the terms used by the government of the United States of America. The United States shares a nearly 2,000-mile long border with the United Mexican States, or commonly known simply as Mexico. Along this border, lies many natural barriers such as the Rio Grande River that separates American states like Texas and New Mexico from their Mexican counterparts Chihuahua and Coahuila. Other areas on this border do not have rivers that separate the two countries, but rugged terrain where temperatures can regularly reach the mid to upper nineties. While border patrol surveys the land in an attempt to halt people from entering the United States through illegal measures, they are not always successful as these individuals sometimes enter the US without detection with help of paid guides. Unfortunately due to the unfamiliarity with the land, and the lack of supplies, many have perished in the quest for a better life.
While illegal immigration from Latin America has only recently become a major issue, the United States has a much longer history of illegal immigration from Latin America than one would think. During the Second World War, the United States created
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