Illegal Immigration In Nicola Yoon's The Sun Is Also A Star

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Deportation of illegal immigrants is a hot topic in the world nowadays. In the novel, The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon Natasha, the main character, has the deportation of her family back to Jamaica looming over her head when she meets a boy, Daniel, who instills hope in her and allows her to forget her deportation, even if it is only for a few hours.. The novel follows the development of the relationship between Natasha and Daniel on the day before she gets deported, as well as the steps Natasha takes in order to save her family from deportation. Besides immigration, Nicola Yoon incorporates other historical and social lessons such as interracial couples with Natasha being Jamaican and Daniel being Korean, immigration laws, the reason why many African American beauty supply stores are owned by Koreans and time travel paradoxes.
Nicola Yoon wrote this book in a way that is unorthodox. Each chapter is either in the perspective of Natasha or Daniel. Occasionally in between chapters, Yoon incorporates family or character background and history, and historical references. This was a smart move on Yoon’s behalf because this format allowed the readers to get a sense of the two characters as individuals as well as their perspectives on each other and the pressures from outside factors on their life. This format was beneficial because it was clear to understand and interpret where each character stood and it gave the reader an ability to predict what would happen before it

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