Illegal Immigration Is The United States

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Illegal immigration is one of the United States’ most controversial subjects. Many Americans strongly believe that people who come across the border illegally without proper documentation should be deported instead of be given the chance to become a citizen of one of the most highly privileged and profitable countries in the world. They think that illegal immigrants are exploiting the system and taking money that belongs only to U.S. citizens. However, opposing viewpoints would argue that illegal immigration is beneficial to the economy of the United States because of the fact that there is additional tax revenue, an increase in low-cost labor and also an increase in money circulation. This (Illegal) American Life brings up both sides of …show more content…

Ilse had a dream of going to college at UCLA since she was in the fourth grade when she first saw the university. She knew, however, that she would face many obstacles while trying to earn a college degree. Some of the obstacles she faced were not being able to get a social security card, a driver’s license, and financial aid to help pay for college or a job unless the employer would pay in cash. While attending college, Ilse lived with a group of fellow undocumented students who faced the same tough situations as hers. Not only were there many undocumented students in college, there were also just as many if not more high school students. There are actually approximately sixty five thousand students who graduate high school that are undocumented. (Van Zeller and Mariana 2011)
Ilse was shocked when she discovered the intensity of hate that many Americans had for people like her. She did not understand how people could have so much hatred for others who were just trying to make a difference and become a positive contribution to the country. Despite these obstacles, she and her friends proved to be “undocumented yet unafraid” and were willing to stand up and voice their opinions concerning their place in the United States. She, as well as thousands of other immigrants who were undocumented, sought out change. Ilse as well as approximately two million other undocumented students came very close to gaining their very own citizenship with the

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