Synthesis Article On Illegal Immigration

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Synthesis on Illegal Immigration
Most Americans today believe that illegal immigration is an issue that the country really doesn 't know how to handle, but is one of the most important to solve now. The reason this problem is so important is because everyone has an opinion for the sake of politics or just as their two cents. People of higher class and those buried in the poverty line have different reasons as to why this is an over-exaggerated issue or a serious toxin to the United States. The wealthy may argue that most illegal aliens bring in crime and poverty, while others claim that immigrants actively strive for the american dream and complete jobs that no one else wants to do. Whereas those under the poverty line state that illegal aliens steal jobs from the unfortunate citizens, are breaking the law by coming across borders or overstaying their visas and are terrorist threats, other underprivileged citizens want to provide equal opportunity and have no quarrels with immigrants. In other words, all citizens have diverse views on how to handle immigrants regarding the issues of law, economics and social issues.
When it comes to the topic illegal immigration, most of us will readily agree that the issue should be brought to the attention of government officials and receive a proper solution. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of how the problem will be solved. Whereas some are convinced that illegal immigrants should be deported, others

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