Illegal Immigration : The United States

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Illegal Immigration I have waited eight years to be with my father again. I was ten years old when he had to leave. He figured his salary was not sufficient to support our needs. Like any other father, he wanted to be able to provide for his family and give us a decent life. Living in the Philippines, where poverty is a common predicament, moving to a more developed country became the norm for many fathers. He had no other choice but to take the risk and leave us behind as he left in search for work in Hawaii. Growing up, I would ask my father why he had to leave us behind. Why couldn’t he just stay and be with us? I never really got the answer until I was able to experience the opportunities offered in the United States. After eight long years, my father was finally able to take my brother and I here to the United States. However, in this joyful moment, I know we are about to face another obstacle. We had to be away from my mother. I don’t know how long I would be away from her. But, life has to go on. Great opportunities are more accessible here, in the United States and I know I have to make the most out of it. Despite the reforms and amendments that have been made on immigration laws, illegal immigrants have continued to flourish and have positively impacted America’s economy. People will often do anything to seek for better opportunities in a more developed country to make their life better and live more comfortably. Obtaining legality in migrating to the
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