Immigration And The United States

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A. Before you begin reading First Crossing, answer the following questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES. Each question should be at least 2-3 sentences.

1. What is your opinion on immigrants in general?
In general, I believe that immigrants benefit countries in numerous ways. They bring a vast range of cultural diversity, economic improvement, and reduced labor costs are factors that benefit a country. Likewise newcomers pose other problems such as increased crime rate, language barrier, and overcrowding.

2. What do you know about immigration laws in the United States; do you agree or disagree with the laws in the United States pertaining to immigration?

I have the knowledge that you can immigrate into the U.S. through family, employee, refugees, asylees, and a U.S. citizenship. I thoroughly agree with the current U.S. immigration laws and the policies that surround them.

3. Do you think it is worse for some immigrants coming to the U.S. depending on what country they are migrating from?

Yes, I do believe that immigrants coming from certain countries might have a tenacious and abominable experience. These foreigners may experience scrutiny, racism and stereotypes as a result of the country that they immigrated from.

4. Why is the United States sometimes called a “melting pot?”

The US may occasionally be labeled a melting pot because of the immense number of immigrants and diversity in one country. Over time all of the various nationalities have transformed this country into
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