Immigration And Illegal Immigrants In The United States

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The United States was known as the land of dreams and opportunities. Throughout American history, millions of people left their countries for a chance to start a new life. As of 2014, nearly 42.4 million immigrants, both illegal and legal reside in the U.S (Camatora & Ziegler, 2016). Immigrants leave their country for many reasons some come to escape war, others for freedom, and others come simply for in search of a better life and opportunities. Today, the U.S immigration policy allows some immigrants to work and live lawfully permanently in the country if they’re granted permission through a visa approval process (How the United States Immigration System Works, 2017). Whereas, illegal immigrants are those entered the U.S unauthorized without inspection or were admitted temporarily and stayed past the date they were required to leave (ProCon.Org, 2017). For this reason, many undocumented immigrants often hide in fear of being deported and or incarcerated. Deportation occurs when the government removes an undocumented person from the United States for violating the immigration laws (, 2017). Once an individual is deported, he or she may be ineligible to enter the country even as a tourist. Currently, the fate of many illegal residents is at stake with president Donald Trump’s immigration policy. His policy involves adding border patrol agents, increasing border security, funding for the construction of the border wall, and hiring an additional 370 immigration

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