Illich's Contributions Of Education In Public Education

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Illich has cited three ways to improve the education of the poor despite more costly treatment – 1. Three billion dollars are insufficient to improve the perform-ance of six million children by a measurable amount; or
2. The money was incompetently spent: different curricula, better administration, further concentration of the funds on the poor child, and more research are needed and would do the trick; or 3. Educational disadvantage cannot be cured by relying on education within the school.
Illich has questioned our assumptions about schooling and left us with a gateway to start thinking about our question, “ Is public education necessary.?” A critical thing to mention here is that he made a distinction between education and schooling. Illich has made a distinction between the two ways of distributing chances, one is based on certification of passage through a curriculum for a length of time whereas another is based on demonstration of a particular skill i.e. acquisition of knowledge and experience. I agree with the Illich’s distinction between education and schooling. According to Illich, education should be an intellectual endeavor to better oneself by obtaining a greater knowledge base, while schooling, is institutionalized education which deters the mind from relying on oneself for knowledge and being more dependent upon the system to go further in life. I totally agree with Illich that schooling does institutionalize education. I think that schooling on the

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