Ilm Innovation Essay

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AC 1.1 Explain the importance of innovation for own organisation.
I have been successfully running my own business as a self-employed trainer for health and social care for the past 3 years. All of this was made possible by using all the experience gained in this field for the past 15 years and applying all the skills and certification outcomes to find out what my client’s needs are and what it’s expected by my learners. Also complying with regulations, keep updated with resources and new guidelines.
Innovation within my organisation is about creating and successfully applying new ideas in this particular field. This could be in the form of such as creating and bringing a new product or service to market, or a series of smaller …show more content…

While other providers can deliver these courses unaccredited, I have found that for peace of mind as well as having an awarding body and all the relevant policies that as a centre I would have to comply with to give the best possible training experience will prove now and for future references a great deal of quality assurance to my customers that the information delivered to their staff and the legal compliance will be met without any problems.
By becoming an accredited centre recently, has given me a sense of security for the business ad many times my finding approached by research have proved to give me the results I was looking for in terms of finding out what my customers would look for in a course like this.
Also by becoming an accredited centre, I have been able to better advertise my expertise as a trainer and being able to offer courses that keep up with the present and future trends. I have been able to break down charges and show to my clients what they are actually paying for when it comes to order that particular course and understand their budget better. This has strengthen our relationships.
I have had to put policies in place (health and safety, equal opportunities, confidentiality etc...) this is all relevant to comply to teaching standard and students needs to be told before the start of every course. Also students get told about the

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