I'm Going by Tristan Bernard

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The one act play “I’m Going” by Tristan Bernard who was a “French playwright, novelist, journalist, and lawyer” (1995) , wrote of two characters Henri and his wife Jeanne who were caught in an interesting dilemma that most of us that are married have been in before. Marriage can at times come to a crossroads due to how love doesn’t mean that the involved have the exact same interests in life. Tristan Bernard builds a great comedic play for those of us who can put ourselves in Henri and Jeanne’s places. While using a reader-response approach you can dive into this play with imagination to put yourself in their place, the imagery of her muddy dress while complaining about the races, and the tone of two happily married people deciding what to do on a could soon rain Sunday afternoon, you’ll understand how real life this situation could be and how well this play was thought out. It’s hard to say if this is fiction or non-fiction because these types of arguments happen in all relationships, especially marriages. Now allow yourself to imagine being in the same situation as Henri and Jeanne; this was very easy, me and my own wife have different tastes and ideas of what entertainment or fun is. I like to play videogames and she likes to make crafts, so I could simply use my imagination and replace the horseraces with videogames and replace Jeanne’s ideas for the day with crafting. The argument would still come out the same way and we argue often enough to where we know the

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