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I'm Going to College

Neither my grandmother, nor any of my great aunts, went on to college. It was too expensive for their family. My great Aunt Nancy, however, did try to take night classes at the University Extension, which was held at her high school. Unfortunately, she was unable to continue paying for these classes, so she left the University Extension program with only twelve credits earned. Aunt Nancy just continued to work at the job she acquired, right out of high school, and work her way up through the ranks at this job. There was no push by her parents to continue her education, and therefore, there was no pressure on her to attend college. Aunt Nancy had once told me, "There is great value in a college …show more content…

"I felt trapped in my first career," my mother explained to me. She knew that in order to pursue another career, going back to college was her only choice. She wanted to figure out what she was good at, and then maybe go out and apply for a job in that field.

My mother did pull me aside one day and stated that "while an education is very valuable, you don't need to go to college just to get educated." She was obviously trying to teach me that sometimes people can learn more from their experiences. I try to learn a little something everyday, just by paying attention to the events that go on in my life. Just the other day, I learned that the hardest thing to do is forgive someone for their wrongdoings, but God will always forgive, as long as you ask for it. Friends of mine and I got into a big brawl, and I knew I was the one doing something wrong. I knew that I needed to learn from my mistakes, and ask for forgiveness from the ones I hurt, especially God. I guess that is what my mother was trying to teach me. She wanted to point out that as long as you learn from your mistakes, you may end up learning more than you would reading books.

My mother told me how she loved to read when she was younger, but that as you get older it is harder to find time for it. She can remember times when she would sit outside on the front porch, just reading her books. My mom then

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