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Image: DreamstimeCreative Matters: Tech Brands In The Race For Global Market Share Succeeding in international waters –––––––––––––––––––– You may have heard of us. As a brand consultancy we work a lot with emerging tech and manufacturing companies. Typically, when a brand-new client comes to us, it’s because they want us to work on their brand message, maybe reach out to a new audience or create a new brand identity or online presence. Thanks to the global adoption of the web, in the past ten years, global business has been the benchmark for business expansion. So it’s critical that your brand, including your overall messaging and positioning start with a global vision. We work with tech companies in several countries. The impulse to…show more content…
M. Pei architects. With it’s sharp angles the building has always been perceived as threatening, a violation of Feng Shui rules. (Image: Dreamstime)Sharp cultural differences In another instance we created a packaging concept, a line of jewelry boxes, for a large company based in Hongkong. The containers were designed to look sharp, edgy and contemporary, with a European flavor, geared at a younger demographic. Again, the Fengshui experts didn’t approve and rejected the designs as sharp daggers, a taboo deep rooted in Chinese culture. On the other hand I had to learn how American culture was perceived in the minds of Chinese consumers. While we in the west differentiate between East coast and West coast cultures, or even between cities (New York = business, Los Angeles = Entertainment), from outside the country those lines blur, and — the perception is often influenced by vintage TV soap operas and outdated stereotypes. Beach culture A Korean company, an umbrella manufacturer, asked us to help with naming and identity design of a line of patio umbrellas. When we suggested to use popular California beach names, La Jolla, El Matador, Newport... we had a hard time explaining that the names had a good ring to US consumers, and that popular names such as Miami Beach or Palm Beach would not offer much appeal to consumers in California. So how do you build a global brand? Start by telling persuasive stories of ‘the who and the why’ behind

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