Imagery In The Bell Jar

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Novel: The Bell Jar Author: Sylvia Plath Question: Discuss Plath’s use of imagery and metaphor to convey Esther’s psychological Instability and her recovery. Psychological issues are the patterns of behaviour that impact the different parts of one’s lifestyle. In person’s life there are many of these mental disorders that develop from depression, mood disorders, antisocial personality disorders and eating disorders. In the novel The Bell Jar, the girl Esther is struggling through her psychological disorders against the conventional persons in society and trying to break through the chains of depression. The imagery and metaphor used in the novel to convey Esther’s psychological instability and her recovery are the bell jar, the fig tree and …show more content…

The bell jar is a glass jar normally used in labs for scientific use that contain a certain kind of gas. For Esther, the bell jar represents all her problems closed inside her trying to escape. When absorbed by recklessness, she feels as if she is inside a stuffy jar that differ her view of the world, which stops her from relating with the people in society. She tried to recover from all this but like an image of a bell jar the problems are still trapped around her waiting for everything to fall. As seen in the novel on page one hundred and thirteen, ‘All the heat and fear purged itself. I felt surprisingly at peace. ‘The bell jar’ hung, suspended, a few feet above my head. I was open to the circulating …show more content…

Esther was an individual who was jealous as she wanted all this to stop; she was frustrated with her past of her father dying which also caused the development of these issues. She hated the fact of always getting scholarships and prizes, where she wanted to be different like the other girls enjoying life without problems. Esther’s dream was to travel the world as well, adoring life, not one that reflected misery, depression and mental disorders. As these complications were trapped inside her trying to escape, society created a form of depression as it was hard to control on handling these

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