Images And Images Of Literature

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Illustration is a popular aspect in literature, and can be found in all genres and forms. Although it is sometimes more heavily associated with children’s books – such as illustrated stories, there are large amounts of illustrated work that are designed specifically for an adult audience. Images and text both convey meaning, but they can also compete with one another. Image and text can work to guide the reader on a desired path of understanding, or they can complement each other and allow for a greater understanding. There are a lot of examples of image and text working together, but the medium can be very different. From statues and sculptures with text engraving, paintings inspired by text (or vice versa), prose and verse and illustrations, this relationship is seen regularly in the Romantic Era. This relationship between images and text can be quite complex. Although the use of text and image complement each other and create a deeper understanding and meaning, an image can work to suggest a way of reading a text, therefore limiting the imagination of the reader, and insinuate a certain understanding of a text/story that the reader/viewer may not have come to on their own. In order to understand how text and image work in unison to create meaning, it will be beneficial to look at “Lacan’s Theory of Meaning”. Victorino Tejera explains that a “a Lacanian approach to reading puts the work-of-art, not the critic, in a position analogous to that of the analyst in the
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