Images Of Women And Women

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Images of Women and the Role of Gender in the Tang Dynasty Throughout China’s feudal era, society was purely male dominated. A consequent belief in the superiority of men over women emerged as the normal ruling ideology during feudal culture. Thus, in feudal China, women held no honorable images and status in the society but were viewed somewhat as bond servants. During this era, male superiority was absolute and was maintained through various norms. With very low social, economic, political and family status, women hardly dreamed of occupying any of these realms. In the course of the long, dark epoch of the Chinese feudal history, however, there was a glimpse and sunny relief for the antique subjugated Chinese women. It was during the zenith of the Tang Dynasty that women enjoyed a time marked by tolerance and freethinking. Understanding the role of women in the realms of art during the Tang Dynasty in China provides a unique recognition of how perceptions have altered in many regards in the years since. Before the dispensation of Tang Dynasty, male superiority was brutal particularly on the women and was upheld by certain standards. There were three fundamental guides; the ruler guides the subjects, a father guides the son, the husband guides the wife. Five invariable virtues that characterized social behaviors were observed; righteousness, benevolence, wisdom, propriety, and sincerity. Similarly, three obedience were required of the China woman; obedience to the father…

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