Imagine Living At The Year 1960

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Imagine living in the year 1960. The post WWII high runs rampantly through America; space exploration and the emergence of the Civil Rights Movement scroll along the nightly news headlines. Americans feel the effects of one of the best times in U.S. history. 56 year ago, American life possessed a different culture. Now flash forward to 2016. Expressing happiness about civil rights and space exploration seems pretty redundant because we acquired these luxuries quite some time ago. Similarly, history shown through the October and November issues of The Wheel—the St. Catherine University newspaper—displays the idea that the Katies in 1960 experienced life much differently than they do today. The Wheel depicts the contrasting aspects of life between Katies in 1960 and the present through their residence life, campus experiences, and the current events of the era. Living on campus is an integral part of the college experience, the Katies of 1960 encountered contrastingly different residence life scenarios than the Katies of 2016 in the sense of where they lived, how much it cost, and how many other women lived with them. A big part of life for most current freshmen at St. Catherine University is living on campus. Seeing as about 80% of all first year students live in the three freshmen dorms (Stanton, Crandall, and St. Mary’s), residence life plays a big role in college. However, compare that to residence life in 1960 when construction of Stanton and Crandall Hall had
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