The Nineteen-Sixties In The 1960's

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The United States of America has gone through many trials and tribulations throughout the decades to get to where we are today. Each decade was far worst than the one that passed, like the nineteen-sixties. After the casos in the nineteen-fifties, many people looked forward to the sixties as “the dawn of the golden age” in America. They hope it would be nothing but peace and prosperity internally and externally. But, that was not the case; the nineteen-sixties was the decade that reformed America to its current standards. There were numerous political and social movements like, the women’s rights movement, the civil right’s movement, and the environmental movement, that brought tensions to an all-time high, and polarize America. The nineteen-sixties…show more content…
Many of the scientific breakthroughs went unnoticed by the general population, until the space race. The space race started in the late nineteen-fifties when “the Soviet Union launched the first man-made object to orbit the earth, the Sputnik satellite”(ndcie). America jumped into action creating NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA starts the Mercury project to take the first American to space. But, once again the “Soviet Union beat them to it in 1961 put the first men in space, beating the U.S. astronaut Alan Shepard by one month”(dhc). NASA did not give up the continued with the acceleration of American space program, they launched the first orbital mercury flight. Earlier in the next year John Glenn was the first American astronaut to go into orbit, he circles the earth three times for a total of five hours. He was the first still-photographer in space, taking thirty-eight frames of Kodacolor negative film. While the Mercury project was still in full effect NASA picked nine astronauts for the new project called Gemini, which would expand the space corps to sixteen members. A few months into project Gemini and it was proving ground for strategies and techniques required for space travel; and Gordon Cooper concluded the missions of Mercury…show more content…
In the early 1960s, American biochemist Marshall Nirenberg performed experiments that detected a direct relationship between DNA nucleotide sequences, and the sequence of the amino acid building blocks of proteins(sncmw). Scientific discovery of how cells transcribed information from DNA, was the start of other discoveries in health science. The understanding of DNA made it easier for scientist to come up with vaccines for common diseases in children like measles, mumps and rubella. According to the CDC, “the vaccine became available to nearly all children at the age of fifteen years of age”(nnxfs). It also made it easier to develop drugs for many different uses like, birth control. The oral contraceptives were already introduced to American public in the fifties, but were not deemed safe until “ the Food and Drug Administration approved of the birth control pill in the sixties”( ), after DNA developments. The development of immunosuppressant drugs that checked the body’s natural rejection of foreign tissue made organ transplants much more
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