Imbalance Created Fallen Societies

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Imagine a world, where all three-legged chair legs are the same height, each one representing the economic, political, and social aspects of a society. If one of those legs loses or gains height, it could cause what it’s keeping up to topple over and face plant on the ground. This is like what happened to fallen societies, like Rome, the Southern states in America, and Divergent. If one thing goes unbalanced, it causes the whole society to fall and become rubble. These great and powerful societies have collapsed from power hungry people in the government, abusing the poor, and social injustice. Sometimes one group in a government will become too power hungry and cause the society to fall. The society in Divergent was breaking apart when the Erudite started spreading lies to weaken the peoples belief in Abnegation as their government so they can easily take over. An Erudite reporter says, “Perhaps the answer is that we have entrusted our city to a group of proselytizing tyrants who do not know how to lead us out of poverty and into prosperity” (Roth 243-244). Spreading false information shows that they want the people to believe that the Abnegation aren’t the right people in the government so that they will gain power. The weakening of government rule will then cause political instability, and the society will fall into chaos from people wanting to gain control. In Rome, the military leaders fought each other to become an emperor, and they were regularly killed because
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